Smart Repairs

Our Smart Repair facility operates alongside our existing bodyshop, but is designed specifically to fast track the smaller repairs, like scratch repair, dent removal and stone chip repair.

  • Dings, dents and stone chip repair
  • Scrapes, scratches and bumper scuff repair
  • Alloy wheel refurbishment

Where possible, we offer a two-day service for small repairs, and we will usually save you money compared to going through your insurer as the smaller repairs often cost less to carry out than the excess would be on your insurance!

A high excess on your car insurance is an increasingly common way to keep premiums low, which means that the excess you would pay is often more than the cost of the repair itself. Our Express Repair service means your car will be looked after by a professional body shop, but offers an alternative to going through your insurance and keeps the no claims discount intact!

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