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Diagnosis of clutch problems and replacement parts fitted

When your clutch components begin to wear beyond reasonable tolerance, you’ll soon know about it. You’ll start to feel juddering, some slippage, dragging or sudden leaps forward when controlling your clutch pedal.

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As with most control systems in your car, it’s best to get any issues addressed before more damage is inflicted onto other components – such as a dual mass fly wheel (if your vehicle has one), which can result in additional expense. We have qualified and accreditated technicians who can diagnose, repair or replace any of your car’s clutch components.

Car drives better than ever before. Thank you! Prices are reasonable. They'll spend time explaining the options to you.

Why is my clutch juddering?

If your clutch is juddering or you are feeling some sort of vibration, this could be a sympton of a number of issues with your vehicle. You may have oil contamination of your clutch facings, a defective pressure or driven plate, loose engine mountings or a worn release bearing.

Do I have a slipping clutch?

You may notice your car struggling to accelerate quickly or under heavier strain e.g. when driving uphill or with a heavier load. You may also begin to notice a distinctive burning smell. This is usually a sign that your clutch is slipping, causing the poor performance. You may have contamination of your clutch facings, an issue with your clutch springs or the partial seizure of a linkage preventing the correct amount of movement to engage and disengage the clutch.

What is a dragging clutch?

Your clutch is deemed to be dragging if you feel the vehicle move when the clutch pedal is fully depressed, you cannot get into gear from neutral without a noise or you feel a jolt when changing gear whilst driving. These are signs that your clutch is struggling to disengage and could be a sign that your clutch fluid is too low, you have contamination in your clutch or a worn release bearing.

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