Car batteries tested and replaced same day

Car battery problems diagnosed before replacements are fitted

Free car battery tests to ensure replacements are only made when absolutely necessary

A malfunctioning battery can render your car completely useless. This usually happens after a period of inactivity or during the winter months when the strain on your battery and your car’s charging system is much higher due to the colder temperatures.

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Before replacing your car battery, we’ll perform an altenator charging check, a battery drop health test and load / cold crank amp (CCA) test. This will highlight any issue with your car battery or whether there’s actually a drain somewhere in your car’s electrical circuit (potentially saving you from a more costly, time consuming and risky trial and error approach).

I'm no longer living in fear of being stranded somewhere on a cold dark night. All because of a short. Who knew?!

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If a replacement is needed, what battery will you fit in my car?

We usually recommend Bosch car batteries. These are fitted as standard by many mainstream car manufacturers. But we’re happy to fit any available battery to suit your budget, spec or brand preference. Some customers even prefer to select the battery which gives them a longer warranty period. The choice is yours. We’ll check the prices of the compatible batteries for your car and let you choose before we place an order.

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